Pilot [Lost Generation]

When we were toddlers we were told we could be astronauts. When we became teens they said we could be sports players and musicians. As we approached adulthood, they suggested that we look into careers that would increase our net worth. Unknowingly, our parents were pushing us back into the cycle that they are still struggling to get out of.

But we had an uneasy feeling about this. As children, the adults in our lives never let us forget about the potential within us. If we had all this potential energy, why couldn’t we direct it towards something we would enjoy doing? Why should we love our paychecks more than we love our jobs?

Speaking with my peers, I have begun to notice that many of us are starting to align with the lives that our parents/guardians want us to have. I can tell because they speak so passionately about fields and industries that they did not even go to school for. And it’s not that they absolutely hate their current jobs/majors/etc. They just feel like something is missing. That there is something beyond the cycle that they were told they had to assimilate into. Yet the Pressures of Assimilation have become so great, it almost becomes a taboo to want anything beyond the cycle. You see these pressures when peers are securing jobs, and your still looking for one months (or years) after graduation. You hear them in the news; the looming recession making you desire a secure, stable job above any. The pressures of assimilation are a slow-moving yet constant nuisance. Over time, they consume us; to the point that we can’t do much but ignore the deep feeling that, “there’s something missing.”

Are we really happy in this in-between ground of satisfaction and desire? The more we question this idea of happiness, the more uncertain it gets. We are searching for an idea that cannot be quantified in the physical realm. And in a world where the quantities of Life are esteemed more than its qualities, our search for happiness becomes ever more dismal. We are a lost generation.

This is a personal account of the quest against the pressures which keep me (and all of us) from growing. A tale of developing my own flow within the Universe. A return to the source energy that I felt so connected to as a child. The adventure unfolds on Wednesday, September 18, when I fly back to the future. Stay tuned.


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