Pale Blue Perspective

I’ve been thinking a lot about Life lately. It is the only thing we have in this crazy, electrifyingly wonderful existence.  Over the summer I watched Carl Sagan’s documentary series, The Cosmos. His intergalactic journey into the human spirit helped me see Life in a new perspective.

I think of my past as one, vast panorama. This big picture: that is me. The little daily concerns, the mistakes, and worries are barely visible on the huge canvas. In fact, they were never worth the stress that they caused. As I dwell on this panorama of my past, it becomes clear to me that I need to start worrying less about the forgettable, daily things. It’s time to focus on creating value. The little things don’t effect the big picture much. It is the major, value-creating Life pursuits that really turn the Sistine Chapel into a masterpiece.

Never forget: we’re all in this journey together. In fact, we’re all we got in this vast void of dark matter. So while we’re here, why not pursue our dreams?

What story will your Life panorama tell?


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