A Bucket List Alternative

About two weekends ago, I was procrastinating on the web, researching ways to reduce said procrastination. While I’m at work I really have a nice flow going. But once I get home, any extracurriculars I plan (exercise, writing, studying) get delayed by an episode of Star Trek, then music, and before I know it it’s 11:30 and I have to get up in six hours. I had the time to get these things done, I just could not budget it correctly.

I came across a community called Lift. It is a goal-setting website/app. Within it, you can choose various common goals (e.g. floss daily, exercise daily, personal writing) or frameworks from which to build your own goal. The instructions for the goals and frameworks are somewhat simple. The app serves more as a reminder for you to work on the goal daily. But what really drew me is the community of others who are also pursuing the same goals as you. We’re all rooting each other on, sharing tips and experiences. I have been using the app for about two weeks so far and already have a few people following my Journey.

I’ve started two goals on Lift: Unclutter and Create a Life Plan. The former, I started so that I could get my external life organized. I have too much stuff and not enough room. Important papers aren’t in specific places, making them easy to lose. In addition, my desk at home is where I practically do everything. There’s bottles of ketchup on top of lesson plans and bills, with  cologne and loose tea tumblers off to the side. I was tired of looking at all that nonsense. I had to get into the habit of organizing my life daily, instead of doing a big clean twice a month. Now that I spend ten to fifteen minutes a day doing some cleaning and organizing, my apartment looks much better. And my mind also feels more stable. This stability could also be the result of my quest to live better, of which uncluttering definitely plays a part. Fifteen more days and this habit will be mine.

The other goal, Create a Life Plan, outlines a process by which someone can start taking the steps toward leading the life they want to live. I won’t go into all the details of a Life Plan, but if you are interested in creating your own I would suggest checking this article out. What I will talk about is Day 4 in the Life Plan process: Creating an Impossible List.

An Impossible List can be seen as a bucket list alternative: a list of things that someone wants to do before their physical life ends. Where they differ is in the approach one takes in creating the list. Goals on a bucket list could be one-off things (e.g. take a picture with Will Smith). Whereas goals on an impossible list are done over a period of time (e.g. get a consistent job on Will Smith movie sets (check), find a way to connect with Will(check), get hired to work for Will’s production company). Once completed, goals are not removed from the impossible list. Rather the original goal is crossed out and a new goal, which expands upon the original, is written beneath it. This sort of list describes the very Journey of Life. It can serve as a point of inspiration to someone like me. Due to my big picture mentality, I often feel like I have accomplished so little in Life. Since I have yet to accomplish that huge, grandiose goal, I start to feel hopeless. It’s a paralyzing thought pattern, which has postponed me from reaching goals that I could have completed by now. The Impossible List breaks down the big picture for me into little bite-sized pieces and allows me to appreciate each part of the Journey.

Completing goals is fun, but it’s a lot more fun with friends involved. So I have decided to post my Impossible List here for you all to see. Later on, when this post falls to the bottom of the page, I’ll post the list in the About section as well. It wasn’t exactly an easy decision to share this very personal list. But I felt it was the best. I hope that you all will create one or have a similar list already. I also hope that those who read this will feel moved to share their goals with me too. We’re in this together! Let’s be accountable for each other. Or better yet, join Lift.

Impossible List below, Stay Tuned.






  • Skill Attainment
    • Be able to freestyle for 30 minutes straight (currently at 7 minutes)
    • Write and record Quasar’s first mixtape (working on first track)
    • Be a master communicator and empathizer (ongoing)
    • Reach N2 level understanding of Japanese (currently an intermediate speaker)
  • Work
    • Do what I love everyday and get paid for it
    • Spend more time daily doing my passion
  • Lifestyle
    • Eat fruits + vegetables everyday (currently eating salad at school everyday, and fruit a few times a week)
    • Meditate for over an hour (current time is 10 minutes)
    • Be more self-aware, in touch with the Universe (ongoing)
    • Be decisive, and reduce time spent thinking on minor things
  • Travel
    • Visit a new country in 2015
    • See more of Japan in 2014
    • Travel to all 50 states (40 to go)
    • Go snowboarding every winter (this winter will be the 3rd in a row if I have $$$)
  • Fitness + Athletics
    • Develop and implement an exercise routine
    • Run a half marathon
  • Fun Goals
    • Be able to control speed, turning, and balancing on a snowboard
    • Become well acquainted  with a woman who is also interested in doing the dance known as the relationship.
    • Go skydiving
    • Read and memorize the principles in How to Win Friends and Influence People (chapter 1 finished)
    • Get 10,000 hits on Tales of a Ronin (around 700)

2 thoughts on “A Bucket List Alternative

  1. Awesome Impossible List! Thank you for sharing, it’s really hard to put yourself out there sometimes, and inspiring for folks like me. I think I will write one tomorrow, I’m reading the article now! =]


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