The First Thing I’ve Ever Stuck With

Whattup everyone. I thought it was about time to let you guys know of some temporary changes coming to Tales of a Ronin in the Fall. As I’ve mentioned in the past, this is not a blog about my Life in Japan, but a blog about me: Eric Christopher Malcolm Burton. I just happen to be living in Japan while writing this.

In the past 6 months, I have been writing a memoir of sorts, alongside of writing this blog. Towards the end of last year, I had no intentions of writing something like this. People usually write these types of things well after they accomplished great things. Or an autobiography is written by someone else soon after that person is dead. Yet something came up in me, telling me that I had to write this. I wish I could pinpoint the spark which led to me feeling this way. It consumed me so much that I stopped writing rhymes and started writing chapters. I had this sense come over me that I had to record my life in the way I want people to remember. My own tiny micro-stab in the dark at mortality. I don’t plan on dying soon (and I hope you don’t either). But the fear of death became a catalyst for this work to come about. I don’t think many of us plan on facing the end of this type of existence. But it can come at any time in our fragile lives.

Pages of ink and dried-out pens later, I have a little something I’m starting to feel proud of. It’s the first thing I have ever really stuck with consistently for a long period of time. Besides brushing my teeth, that is. Looking back at my life from childhood to adulthood I seemed like a kid who wanted to do everything. Taking up one interest after the next. Switching to something new when things got boring, the environment was no longer fun, or the activity got too challenging. I just grew up to be a very well-rounded person. Whether this is a gift or curse, I don’t know. Yet sometimes I do wish I would have just stuck with one thing to see how far it would take me.

That’s why this story/rant/documentation of how I came to be  is so important to me. Although it will only be about half the length of a novel you might find at your local Barnes & Noble, it’s the longest, most detailed thing I have ever wrote. The process itself has shown me that I really can finish something. It has instilled in me the confidence that any other projects I start in the future can get done through consistent, habitual, small actions over an extended period. The finished product won’t be perfect. It’s something I can look back on and say, “I did that. I can do that again and even more.” This is for me. I’m sharing with you all so that I can become comfortable with being me. I hope that when you read this, you will also feel more comfortable in letting your own light shine.

In the Fall (exact date undecided) I will be posting the chapters of the book, tentatively entitled, “The Enlightenment of Eric Christopher Malcolm Burton; Or How I Became Quasar” on this blog. At the moment I haven’t decided if I’ll periodically include Japan posts as well during the run of this story.

Well that’s what’s up for the Fall. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. And that’s the bell; my free period has ended. Slowly drifting back to reality: teachers rushing around, preparing lessons, office stuff. Now I’m off to the after-school program. I’m preparing a few of my junior high students for the citywide English conversation contest next week. Wish them luck!


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