Staycation Haven

Lazy days, waking late, eating brunch and junk food, falling asleep after 2. Such is my summer vacation in Ibaraki. To keep my sanity I’ve been making more weekly trips to the local cafe (which somehow happens to be a Starbucks all the way out here). I wish I had some more money saved to do a big trip. Yet with the blog, writing, self-learning, basketball, and Parks & Rec (giving Star Trek a break), there never seems to be a dull moment during these workless days.

I have had so much time, maybe too much time, to reflect on everything: my job, the blog, future plans, etc. Before my vacation started I was in a way just floating. Going along contentedly with things. Moving to Tokyo was still on my mind, but I was happy with the way things were going on in the countryside. In the past few weeks I came to realize that if I kept that up, half a decade would have went past in a blink of an eye. I’d still be teaching at these wonderful schools, with nothing to show for it but experience in a field I didn’t want to stay in.

I was stuck in the small little world that is Ryugasaki City. As I thought more about the Big BIG Picture, I was reminded that my Journey doesn’t end here. And it doesn’t end in Tokyo either. Japan is and will always be a second home to me. Yet I can finally decide that I do not want to stay here longer than 1-2 more years from now. I’ll withhold all my reasons why for the time being, but you’ll get more of a sense for my intentions upon the release of my memoir, rant-thing in October.

Speaking of my memoir, The Enlightenment of Eric Christopher Malcolm Burton is practically complete. I’ll be spending the rest of August and September actually typing up everything I wrote, editing, and proofreading. I’m so excited! I really hope all you guys, friends especially, take the time to read it when it comes out. I won’t be posting it all at once, just in sections so it’ll be easier to digest.

Hmm…what else have I been up to? Well, without fail I have always done summer reading. This summer is no different. It’s sort of a middle school tradition that I carried with me through college and into adulthood. Right now I am reading Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. It’s not as legerdemain as its title suggests. A more suiting title would be, “How to Be a Great Human Being.” Every chapter I find gems that I could apply to any area of my life. The writing is easy to read, too. I’d strongly recommend to anyone looking to enhance the way they interact with others.

This Staycation has been so chill; not looking forward to September 1st! 😦 I think I really forgot how to teach! We just had a training at the Tokyo main office yesterday. All I could think about is when it would end, so I could head to the Sega arcade in Akiba and try to beat my score in Operation Ghost. Well, we’ll see what happens on Monday.


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