Just a Reminder

Hello my fellow rōnin. An update for you all. Like I mentioned previously, I will be making some temporary changes to the blog. Starting October 14th, I will be posting the first entry of my memoir/crazy rant thing, The Enlightenment of Eric Christopher Malcolm Burton (Or How I Became Quasar). This is a writing project I have been working on for most of 2014. It’s part-biography, part-self exploration, and all realness. It’s not perfect, but it’s the first major thing I’ve ever consistently stuck with in my life. So I am proud of it.

I decided for the time being that during the run of this story (October to possible early-December), I won’t really be posting tales of my present-day experiences. I will be taking the time to focus on other projects, which will probably become more apparent as I post more of The Enlightenment online. Not to worry though! I will still be posting tales on here well after this long story is completed.

As of today, I just finished typing all of those words I wrote in my Mnemosyne journal into a Word document. So many memories…A calm sense of completion. But there’s still lot’s of editing to be done.

So tell your friends, your mom, brother, and your grandmom. The Enlightenment: coming to a computer screen near you. Stay Tuned.

IMG_1588 IMG_1590


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