Chapter 6.3: Four Years a Hawk

Due to my shyness, I really didn’t get to know my non-black Prep brothers until late into my senior year. The Black and Latino Culture Club was my home. A place where I could be proud to be black and not have to worry about what others defined me as. I pretty much stayed in that comfort zone up until the Spring of senior year; when I went on Kairos.

Kairos is somewhat of a mandatory retreat that all seniors do at some point during their final year. There’s a lot of secrecy behind the week-long trip in the woods. Conversations about Kairos are only to be shared with students who went on Kairos. Therefore, just incase some young Prep kid stumbles upon my blog, I’ll keep this section to a minimum. I’ll just say this:

In college, I never really had an extreme interest in joining a fraternity. Kairos made me realize I was already in one: St. Joe’s Prep. It took four years for me to finally feel that fraternal connection beyond my African-American peers. Now, even students I may have disagreed with in the past (e.g. raging conservatives or oblivious racists), I still consider to be my brothers. We may never see each other due to the physical distance between us. Yet social media has connected the class of 2009 in more ways than one. Weirdly enough, I think I gained more high school friends after graduation because I expressed myself so personally online. Sometimes I wish it didn’t take me so long to get over the shyness in high school. But I’m happy that things like Facebook exist. Lest I still be known (or unknown) as that kid who rarely talked in class.

And those were my learning experiences at the Prep.




So we’ve just about reached the end of this Journey into the past. Can’t believe it’s been just over a year that I penned down the first words. Those words were filled with confusion, passion…ennui. I was lost. But through writing, a found a way back to Myself. Next week I’ll be posting the final chapter of The Enlightenment of ECMB (Or How I Became Quasar). Afterwards I’ll be returning to the posts I used to do: Life, Japan, and random stuff I have an interest in.

Unfortunately, due to my new freelance job writing on the awesome website, GaijinPot, I won’t be able to update this as much. Please check out my work on there (as well as the other authors) in the meantime! Also, for more great writing, I urge you to check out my friend Arlene’s blog, rotogravureShe’s currently working in the Peace Corps in Guatemala, writing about her experiences, ups, downs, and all. I love the way she writes. Sometimes when I’m reading her work, I forget that I’m reading. I get the sensation that I’m really there, experiencing what she sees through her own eyes in Guatemala.

Well that’s all for now, thank you to everyone who’s ever stopped by, even if it was just for an article or two. It’s all appreciated. Until next week!


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