Things Learned 2015

Happy Christmas + Merry Holidays everyone.

2015 started out as wild ride. On New Year’s Day, each one of my friends and I made pacts to live life to the fullest this year. Take risks, do crazy shit, and have no regrets. I have to admit that we all did that, and I’m in a place that I never expected to be in. Totally happy and just living it. Learning more about myself each day.

As always I try to keep a general record of my progress with different goals throughout the year. My 3 main areas  of attention were: Writing for Me, Focus, and Positivity. I’ll address these in a later post in January. For now, let’s talk about the things I learned in 2015.


1. Relationships are…Vulnerability

This year was probably the beginning of me understanding what it really means to be in a relationship. I’ve dated in the past, had a girlfriend here and there. But things never seemed to  work and I couldn’t figure out why.

Then I met someone who made me realize how bad I was at expressing my feelings for others. In fact we both weren’t quite good at it. Which makes me wonder how this all worked out, lol.

Anyway, after losing all hope of it ever working between us, I tried something new. I just allowed myself to become more vulnerable around her. What would happen if I showed her I had nothing to hide? How would that change the dynamic between us?

Well, she saw me for who I am, and it allowed her to finally open up to me.

A lot of love advice I find online seems to be rooted in competitive/territorial ideals. Love isn’t a game. It’s an experience. There’s no point in wasting your life trying to gain an advantage over someone. Keep it real, be honest, be You. And you’ll run into the one that accepts you for who you are.


2. Books Are Awesome

I thought I could never find time to read books for pleasure outside of long vacations from work. That’s a total myth. When me and a group of my friends started reading together on weekends, I immediately recalled why I loved reading so much as a young lad. It’s like entering a whole new world!

I realized there’s so much time in the day to read, too. (And also realized I spend a whole lot of time doing absolutely nothing on the Interwebs.) Just start out with 20 minutes a day and you’ll be cruising through a novel in no time.

Currently Reading: 2312

Up Next: The Subtle Knife???


3. Finding the Work/Play/Passion Balance is Hard

2015 was so awesome because I did so many awesome things (excuse the conduplicatio). I moved to Tokyo, started a new job, made new friends, went to Kansai, tried out new foods and things…There was really no room for regret.

At the same time though, I didn’t make the ideal progress I would have liked to make on my novel. I know there’s a balance out there. If J.K. Rowling did it as a broke single mom, surely I could make things happen for me. And I probably have half the responsibilities she had at the time.

Maybe things would be better if my work was my passion. But there’s no point in wasting time thinking about that. If anyone else is in the same boat and has some ideas/advice, message a brother, please and arigatou.

Well these are the Things Learned. Each year gets progressively more interesting. Each year brings more Self-Understanding. I’m excited for the things I’ll encounter in the 2016 Journey.

Until then, see you Next Year!


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