Another Ending

Man this one is from a while back! I’ve been writing, just been a neglectful poster. I’ll be changing that of course now that I’m all settled in. But for now check out something I wrote, but thought I posted here a month ago lol


Written March 16-21

My new job had ended just as quickly as it started. I’m funemployed! Haven’t had this much time off since Summer Vacation 2014. A week has passed. I try to stay at home as I did when I was in Ibaraki. Chill indoors, exercise, focus, write, and catch up on TV shows. I works for a little and then the next thing I know, I’m back out drinking with friends. ‘Tokyo is a happening place!’ as my mom would say.

I started out one year ago in a new spot, a new job, in a city that wasn’t too unfamiliar. I was happy with everything, but work was crazy! A Tuesday-Saturday schedule was the compromise for more pay than my last job. Something I don’t think I ever got used to.

I woke up early, got home late just about everyday. Half-making dinner and then falling asleep at my desk. Saturdays were just chaos. But hey, I had Monday off…right?

My students in Tokyo were just as awesome and crazy as my students out in Ibaraki. We worked (or at least said we did) in rehearsals for months and months. Presentation Day came and they all made me proud. I guess I can finally add a few director’s credits to my filmography!

Working with my new coworkers was never dull or tedious. Everyone was just as crazy and offbeat as I was. Maybe it was the actual job itself that brought all these interesting characters into one place. Just one big dramatic family. I’m so happy that I allowed myself to open up to this new group of friends. Although we’re all going our separate ways, no doubt we’ll stay in touch.

There never was a dull moment with my homies too. Curry Mondays followed by Greenland nomihoudai in Roppo. We had some crazy nights in Kanda too. George filling us up with wine ’til our cups runneth over. Smash Bros., Mario Kart…Our many discussions on the workings of the female brain (still a mystery). Thank Glob for group chats because I’m really gonna miss it all.

And then there’s Paula, oh Paula. Where did you come from? How did this all happen? We’ve had that conversation many times over and we still don’t get how well we surprised ourselves. Were we looking for love? I’m not quite sure. But I know one thing: we were both living. And our mutual love for life and adventure led us to each other. You know how I feel about time.

This was our right time.

Our only time.

We have met in a moment in life where we both take risks in trust and openness. And each step of the way, we’re taking those risks together.

This isn’t another ending. This is a whole new beginning.

This whole going to America thing still hasn’t hit me yet. Maybe because I have done this before? Hard to tell. Anyway, I have a lot of time off to reflect and write. So be sure to check out more posts in the future.

Philly I’m Back!!!!


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