For the Record 2016, Pt. 2

The pen calls me action, but with no direction the ink drifts off into white space like black stars in an “other” Universe. I’m on the couch with Freud, Miller and Reggie Watts. Trying to associate reason with something but making more or less sense about nothing.

So I call upon a compass. The Compass. Oh Muse, point me in the right way. Teach me how to plan it all out, how to guide my own way toward a better, goal-oriented Life.

But then Reality’s like:

“Hah, fuck that.”

2016 has been a year of change on top of change, with a little compound interest of transformation. But to those of you who have been reading from the start, that ain’t nothing new. Change is always gonna happen. It’s needed to progress our Story. How we deal with these changes is what shapes us as protagonists.

In an effort to keep up with the changes reality throws at us, I set themes for the year and make myself publicly accountable for them. Here’s how I’m doing so far.


1. Wrap-up Novel/Begin Spec Script

Interstice is complete! Even I can’t believe it. Back in March, I believe, I penned the words, “The End.” Weirdly enough, it was on the day I planned on finishing it: March 19th.

Just like my memoir, this was no exercise in perfection. Just my first attempt at long-form fiction storytelling. I’m publishing this out of my own insecurity. Can’t become great at anything overnight, and being comfortable with yourself (and everyone else) as a work-in-progress is a great way to combat the Impostor Syndrome.

I’ve got quite a bit of typing to do, since I write everything down first. (Somebody get me the Moleskine Smart Writing Set!) Expect Interstice to be online towards the end of the year.

We’re halfway through the year and I’m getting ready to start the second part of this goal: Writing a Spec Script. So I’m right on target it seems.

There’s plenty of ways to break into “the industry,” but as a TV writer, the spec script is your calling card. Although I’ll be spending a year of my journey in Philadelphia, this is the perfect time to prepare for the next adventure. It’s that part where the hero is being trained by the master. (Except my mentor is a hologram of Robert McKee and a few screenwriting blogs.)


2. Take 10

This theme has helped me keep up with little tasks, and to get started on major ones. I finally got my inbox down to zero, after taking 10 minutes daily over the course of a few weeks to read emails.

Still, there is progress to be made. Sometimes, if a task is small and simple, I’ll just postpone it over and over. Finally at the last minute I decide to hurry up and get it done. The whole point of this theme is to help me get easy, minute tasks out of the way.


3. No Doubt, Baby Steps

No Doubt is the overarching theme of 2016. When it feels like I’m moving like a snail in the Facebook rat race, these four words above remind me that nothing is accomplished overnight. Taking small step after small step has led me to finishing one book a month. This mentality is also helping me break down my long-term dreams into doable daily targets.

My only real problem with this is maintaining consistency. I have theory that this happens because I no longer measure my productivity in the same ways as last year. Time for a change.

So far so good, and of course there’s always room for improvement. In other news, I’ve finally got a job! So maybe in a few weeks I’ll finally get out of this house and have a “Treat Yoself” Day. Catch you on the next post.


Impossible List


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