Jim Syndrome

This post was written in Fall of last year but got swept under the proverbial rug

So I “sell” stuff. I travel and sell stuff. Through Pennsylvania to be exact. And just this October I took up improv classes. I am officially becoming Michael Scott.


But rather than paper, I sell one of the most influential currencies of all: Ideas. More specifically, the idea that changed my life: Study Abroad.

I enjoy my job and the freedom and travel that comes with it. At one point I was super settled into the idea of doing it much longer than I planned. But…

Dunder Mifflin isn’t my calling. Like Jim and Pam I sort of arrived here sometime after college. In my free time I’m still doodling my dreams at my desk like Pam. Still joking around like Jim; trying to transition to what’s right for me. I’m getting restless again.

I know nothing happens overnight, but I just want it now! We all know that feeling, of seeing something so tangible, yet so out of reach. This must be the natural order of things. Either you learn to deal with your situation or you get fed up. And I feel like I’m reaching the tipping point.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve really enjoyed all the jobs I’ve had since graduation. They weren’t right on the mark in terms of what I wanted to do with my degree. Nevertheless they all helped me grow as a person. And in this time I got to figure out myself and what I really want in life. Invaluable knowledge that takes some of us years and years to attain.

Now that I have this knowledge I feel like those dreams and goals are never off my mind. Everyday I imagine characters, movies, shows. They all live up there in my mind just waiting to be unleashed like the spirits of Pandora’s Box.

I guess the most frustratingly suspenseful thing of all is that they can only be released, one word at a time.


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