For the Record – 2016 into 2017

The years keep flying by before I have time to acknowledge them. Old things fall out of focus, new things make room in my brainspace. Can’t believe so much has happened.

In 2016:

  • I spent more time up in the air than ever, 120 hours (or more) in planes; 48+ hours on the road. Tokyo, LA, Toronto, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Chi-Town, Sydney, Boston, Portland, Niagara Falls, Niigata, State College, and various little towns in PA and Maryland. I’m so grateful to have traveled to all of these wonderful places.
  • I lived (still living) through the ultimate long-distance relationship. Whenever I mention it, people think she’s just a few cities away. Try a few time zones. I always get the vibe that people think I’m a weirdo for being in an international relationship. I sometimes get that “good luck with that” look. You don’t really know the extent of your love for someone until you’ve experienced something like this.
  • I finished my second mini-novel of sorts. It was my first venture into Sci Fi. Not perfect, but definitely got my creative juices flowing.
  • I took a class in improv, and delved into screenwriting. Feels so good.
  • I read 10 books, almost one book a month!

But so much more could have happened in 2016:

  • I could be much further along in my pilot script, but procrastination.
  • I could’ve stuck with my habits, instead of waiting for inspiration.
  • I could’ve played less video games.
  • I could’ve read more scripts, studied more shows, took more classes…
  • I could’ve been much more intentional with my actions, and focused hard on what I really want.
    • I could’ve held less doubt in my mind.

The three ares of focus for 2016 were:

1. Wrap-up Novel/Begin Spec Script

Done and, done! Although I wish I was further along in the script, this is exactly where I planned to be. Instead of spec though, I switched to writing an original pilot. This is the format that the screenwriting contests I’m entering will be looking for.

Also, someone answered my wishes from a previous post.


Thanks Paula!

2. Take 10

I didn’t implement this theme as effectively as I would have liked. This method of “taking 10” minutes to get started on something only seems to be effective if I actually make a point of starting the activity. Regardless of whether I feel “inspired” to do it.

3. No Doubt, Baby Steps

I still believe that nothing is accomplished overnight. When we last checked in on this goal I was flying high with a new job. Confident in the way things were going.

The first four months of my job did not turn out as expected. And it influenced my personal life. I started to become rational. More doubtful of my potential. Stuck.

All of this made me realize that until I find a job that aligns with my passions, I can’t let work life creep into my personal one. There needs to be a clear divider between the two, especially if I’m in another work-from-home situation.

So 2016…not too bad. The key things I learned this year are that regardless of what life throws at me, I need to be a consistent creator. Even if that means I can only write for ten minutes on a given day, I still need to do it. I also need to become better a scheduling and following through with daily activities; a.k.a. really live in the moment by focusing on one thing at a time.


The past is the past. Now for 2017. I’m going down from three themes to two. Need to narrow my focus.

1. Act on Intuition

The best decisions are the ones you can just feel in your gut. No more stalling on them. When you feel it, go for it.

I believe we’re always putting vibes and signals out to the world. When there’s a blip on your sonar, it means there’s a possibility of alignment with your vibration. Explore it! This is a concept I lost sight of during my “very rational” 2016. I know it sounds like metaphysical nonsense, but these ideas helped me through so many parts of my life, it’s time to return to them.

2. Focus Solely on the Process

When I stay focused on the end result, I find myself paralyzed by the task at hand. It seems way to monumental. For now on, I will let go of trying to achieve results. Dreams are just that: dreams. I’ll write about them, think about them, maybe draw them. But when it comes time to do work, I will let all of that go entirely.

I will work furiously like no ones watching, I will stop caring about whether it’s good. I will only care about whether it’s done.

I am letting go of the ongoing debate in my mind about whether my goals are rational. I will do them regardless.

Good habits are the difference between personal freedom and mental imprisonment. So I’m going back to purposely building habits into my life. Here are the four I will focus on for the year; in chronological order. More will be added if I’m making great progress.

1. At least 20 minutes of writing/day

2. At least 20 minutes of reading/day

3. At least 20 minutes of running/day

4. Make at least one healthy meal per week


Final Things

I’m redesigning the layout of the blog. Possibly making a new blog entirely. It will read like your favorite movie script. Also planning to keep feeding my travel bug into the new year (Melbourne, Cali…I see you). And as always studying, learning, and bettering myself.

Ok that’s about it for this long post. Thanks forever for reading.

Current Mood: Daedelus – Experience

Impossible List


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